Mary Lu Buie served as my coach for the 8-week Healing the Inner Child program. Mary Lu radiates warmth and caring. She gently guided me with grace and knowledge through each lesson. I highly recommend Mary Lu as coach and facilitator.
– JL

Thank you again for your care and help in the healing of my inner child. 🙂

Mary Lu has such a wonderful down to earth manner and friendliness! She put me at ease right away and I was able to relate to her well. – Serenity Smile

MaryLu is an absolutely gem! I came away with a beautiful affirmation which I use. – Sharon W.

Working with Mary Lou helps me see the possibilities for a positive destination! I feel great, I feel like I can vent without judgment, I feel like I am more aware to watch my thoughts and to call on God! – Marlena

She gently and confidently guided me through the process of looking at the ego and fear based thoughts without judgment. We were even able to laugh about them. Rev. – Cathy S.

I was able to target a goal for myself and work through some of the things standing in my way You can tell by the kindness in her voice she is in tune with you. – Amanda M

MaryLu helped me to look at a situation I was dealing with and see that love is the only answer. – Larendee R.

Mary Lu Buie Services

Teaching the following Miracles Practitioner courses:

  • Introduction to Miracles Practice
  • Remembering to Choose Peace
  • Special Relationships vs. Holy Relationships
  • Teacher of God
  • You Are in Heaven Now